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May 19th 2010 Wednesday afternoon, Vanda heavy families with "JuBei giant" as the theme of the 1,000 tons crawler crane delivery ceremony held a series of activities in Changsha, Shanghai holy engineering machinery Co., LTD and the relevant leaders of zoomlion attended the event.

To satisfy the nuclear power, petroleum, chemical industry, steel industry and the development of high-performance great demand large tonnage 1000 tons crawler crane, is zoomlion division series to pull the crawler crane 50-600 tons of ten model products, full-blown master large-tonnage crawler crane design, manufacturing technology, to the large tonnage launched a perfect product areas charge. In early 2009 September 28, held a grand ceremony, it rolled in r&d process a large collection of customer comments, reference and absorbed the overseas well-known brand advantage, high integrated international front new materials and new technology, integration zoomlion secco existing engineering machinery large structure design and manufacturing technology and system control technology to ensure that the main technical indexes and performance parameters to international advanced level in, has toally independent intellectual property rights, illustrates the crawler crane  The families of zoomlion in field of research on the manufacturing strength has walked in Asia front now.


And in line with is responsible for the customer the super responsibility and scientific and strict production manufacturing idea, since 1000 tons crawler crane referrals, Vanda heavy families families since it wasn't immediately put it on, but among marketing and r&d experts together constantly research and discussion, after repeated after the commissioning and testing, strive to use the most perfect most the high grade product performance to serve the general customers. The excellence of strict attitude shows . Vanda heavy families branch always pays attention to the customer, and really create value for customers, the enterprise culture idea, once again demonstrated Vanda heavy families division lead China construction machinery industry professional attitude and practical and realistic courage and insight!


In this series activities of the product launch meeting, to clients through television promo full introduction vanda heavy secco 1000 tons crawler crane production process, and through the product technical level and marketing service level material the detailed introduction, strengthened the vanda heavy secco large tonnage crawler crane in the heart of customers, and through subsequent super strength TanTaoShi technology exchange and the comprehensive analysis of the product's competitiveness, listens to widespread customers suggest, but also detailed answers customer all the details of doubts, enhance the customer vanda heavy secco 1000 tons crawler crane confidence and recognition.


In order to let the customer with the fact that scene, eyes feel 1000 tons crawler crane strong product performance, in the series activity, also specially held on-site simulation conditions drills, this all drills, also are simulated conditions of nuclear power plant construction area mainly by the customer, strive to personally experience, to verify the participation of vanda heavy secco crawler crane the perfect product quality, and its foray into the super strength high-end fields of nuclear power.


That afternoon, vanda heavy section and Shanghai holy engineering machinery Co., LTD. Held off the car ceremony, vanda heavy section construction crane LuoYongZhong, the vice general manager will be a symbol of wealth and dream "golden key" to Shanghai holy engineering machinery Co., LTD director WangRu. This success of delivery, marks vanda heavy secco crawler crane in nuclear power construction field for the future of a breakthrough, vanda heavy section in the development of nuclear power plant construction industry lay a solid foundation, further consolidate the favorable the department and Shanghai most holy vanda weight of strategic alliance relation, and expanded enterprise in nuclear power, wind power these high-end industry area of influence in the fierce competition in the market, has more powerful competition ability, also further proof vanda heavy secco crawler crane will be in national infrastructure construction and the rapid development of economy, the huge contribution and efforts to make the strength and ability, which can effectively enhance the vanda heavy secco crawler crane market confidence and its construction machinery industry field brand influence expansion


Vanda heavy section on the stage as a world leader of engineering machinery, she made the breakthrough will make the whole time on a lot of waves, industry across all of her each time will drive market great progress. 1000 tons crawler crane successful delivery of glory, will load the engineering machinery industry development, and the history of inspired vanda heavy families struggle continuously, to go on




Vanda heavy section the 1000 tons crawler crane simulation conditions and delivery ceremony was grandly held in Changsha, the venue application is our following SHANGJIA Model Products Co., LTD. Is the production QUY650 - vanda heavy section of 1,000 tons of crawler crane and QAY220 road crane. This suggests that, by our production has the QUY650 crane model has become the crane model of "pride" boundary, also highlight SHANGJIA model in model car manufacturing prominent ability.